A Clogged Expansion Tube Could Be Hurting Your Air Conditioner

When summer comes and the air conditioner isn’t working, it can be a very frustrating situation. Most of the time, a low level of freon causes this problem. However, if your system is full of freon, there’s a chance that a clogged expansion tube is the source of trouble.

The Purpose Of The Expansion Tube

The expansion tube is attached to your expansion valves and works to let in and out precious air in your air conditioner. These tubes make sure air gets to where it needs to go. When they get clogged up, your system will be unable to receive cold air or let out warm air.

Symptoms Of A Clogged Expansion Tube

While diagnosing a clogged expansion tube can be tricky for many amateurs, there are a few symptoms you can watch for when your air conditioner is struggling. These symptoms include the following:

• Loud operation when your air conditioner is running

• Occasional cool air that suddenly stops

• Overheating engine caused by no outlet for hot air

Fixing The Problem

The difficulty of fixing this particular problem is that it can be hard to remove your expansion tube. Identifying it in your air conditioner requires opening up the system, finding the right tube, removing it from the engine, and locating the clog.

Then, the clog has to be cleared in a way that doesn’t damage the tube. Frankly, it’s a repair that only professionals should handle.

So if you think your car is suffering from this problem, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. We can carefully unclog your expansion tube and get your air conditioner running smoothly again.

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