Bring the family with you!

Saeedi Pro’s family-friendly waiting areas at our DIP and Al Quoz service stations are designed to keep you and your family comfortable and engaged....

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A Simple Method For Changing Your Brake Fluid

Brake maintenance is crucial for ensuring that you and your family are safe when driving. This simple brake fluid replacement method can help keep your brakes in tip-top shape. When It’s Time To Change Brake Fluid Pull your brake fluid gauge out of your engine and check its color. When it has a milky or … Continue reading A Simple Method For Changing Your Brake Fluid

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Bald Tyres Aren’t Just Dangerous For The Driver

Treads are an essential part of tyre safety, and bald tyres can cause a variety of dangers for you as a driver. For example, bald tires are harder to control and offer less protection in bad weather conditions (especially snow). However, bald tyres aren’t just dangerous to you, but for everyone with whom you share … Continue reading Bald Tyres Aren’t Just Dangerous For The Driver

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Automobile Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips

We all hate it when the air conditioning system in our car breaks down. It means lots of hot days on the road until we get it fixed. Here are some air conditioning maintenance tips to make sure that car’s air conditioning system keeps working. . . .

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Do you Know When it’s Time for Car Oil & Lube Maintenance?

Changing the oil in your vehicle is one of the easiest ways to keep it running smoothly. Here are five indicators that it's time for car oil and lube maintenance:

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Tyre Safety: Radial Pull and the Hazards Associated with Conicity

When your vehicle pulls to one side, you may think you have an alignment problem. While poor alignment could cause this issue, radial pull (also known as tyre conicity) might also be to blame. . .

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How to Maintain Your Car’s Battery

The battery is the "heart" of a car's electrical system. It supplies power to the ignition, lights, head unit, speakers and other connected components. Without a battery -- or with a dead battery -- the car won't start upon turning the ignition. . .

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Checking Your Brakes Often Saves Money and Lives

We tap our break pedal hundreds if not thousands of times per day. This is the most active safety feature on an automobile. Having a better understanding. . .

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Tyre Maintenance: 3 Tips for Keeping Your Tyres in Tip-Top Shape

Your tires are key to your safety and comfort while driving, and yet they are an often-overlooked vehicle component until something goes wrong. . .

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