When A Nail Ends Up In Your Tyre, You Can Temporarily Fix It

When nails get stuck in tyres, it can be a frustrating situation. However, you can do a temporary repair that makes it possible to get your car to the repair shop and get either a tyre repair or an entirely new one installed on your vehicle.

Identify The Location Of The Nail

Depending on where the nail entered your tyre, it may be safe to temporarily drive on it. If it is stuck in the tread, there is probably enough rubber there to avoid any kind of air leaking. If it is between the tread, it may be leaking air. Check your tyre pressure regularly to gauge how far it has gone down and fill it back up as needed.

Carefully Remove The Nail

Use your fingers or a small screwdriver to carefully pry the nail out of the tyre rubber. As soon as you remove it, patch the hole with a patch kit. In this way, you can keep air in your tyre for the time being. However, you also need to call a professional tyre repair company such as Saeedi Pro and make an appointment for a thorough repair as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can call Saeedi Pro’s emergency hotline 600 54 8886 and a service vehicle will be sent to you to make the repair or even replace the tyre completely at your location.

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