Ways to Check Your Tyres for Damage

A variety of problems can impact your tyres and cause serious damage. If you are worried about tyre maintenance and don’t want to spend a lot of money at the mechanic, here are a few simple tests you can use to gauge tyre wear.

The Penny Test

If you are worried that your tyre treads are wearing down, try this simple test to gauge their depth. Take an American penny, shove it headfirst into the treads as far as it will go, and look at the head on the penny. If any of the face is visible, your treads are worn down too far and you need new tyres.

The Water Test

Losing air from your tyres is a frustrating situation because it can be hard to identify the problem. The easiest way to test for leaks is the water test. Pour water across the surface of your tire and inspect it for bubbling areas. These bubbles are air leaks. If you see no bubbles, a damaged wheel is likely the culprit.

The Ear Test

When you’re driving down the road, turn off your radio and listen to the way your tyres hit the ground. Do they have an even sound or are they rather loud and sloppy when they hit the road? There’s a chance that excessive tyre tread wear or poorly balanced tyres are causing damage that makes your tyres louder.

If your tyres fail any of these tests, please contact us today and make an appointment. We can identify the problem and fix it quickly and efficiently.

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